Testimonies from alumni families

Elizabeth John:

Competing with Legacy was one of my most fulfilling experiences in high school. I learned to speak articulately and winsomely about the ideas I had, I learned to be a gracious competitor, and I made many lifelong friends both inside and outside the club. But most importantly, my experience with Legacy taught me how to defend my faith in any situation, with listeners of any background. I will forever be grateful for the blessing of learning and growing in Legacy!

Caleb Dixon:

Legacy was one of the most important programs that I participated in throughout high school that shaped me to be who I am today. The level of charisma and confidence that I experience whenever I get up to speak is a direct result of my training in Legacy. As a Christian, Legacy has provided me with invaluable training to represent Jesus in the real world with confidence and conviction of attitude, firm in the knowledge that through my training God has equipped me with everything I need to spread His name faithfully and without fear.

Aubrey Harbman:

Speech and debate taught me how to communicate clearly and persuasively, but it also gave me so much more than that. I learned to take critique, to do things that terrify me, to coach younger competitors, to win and lose graciously. However, I value the community I found here more than anything else–– it is rare to find people who will genuinely both compete and celebrate with you. This sport, with its godly, intellectual, humble, and enthusiastic community, is the best thing I did in high school.

Isabella Chow:

Competing with Legacy has definitely been a highlight for my two siblings and me! Legacy stretched our public speaking, writing, and interpersonal skills while providing a rigorous, safe, fun, and God-honoring environment to compete! If Legacy is still around when our children are in middle school, I think all of us will be back for round 2. 🙂

Greg DeJager:

Participating in competitive speech through Legacy and Stoa was far and away the most valuable educational activity we engaged in as a family. Our sons grew in confidence, communication skills, character and faith thanks to Legacy and God’s blessing. The icing on the cake? The incredible community. What a gift it was to do life with so many outstanding godly families!

Athena Hultgren:

As an alumni parent who runs a non-profit (communication tools), I use so many important elements of effective public speaking for our promos, workshops, and conferences! This year we have begun developing on-line classes so our messages and presentations must be condensed.  This would have been overwhelming if it were not for extracting the gold from our years of competitive speech & debate. I aim to have presentations contain logos, ethos, pathos, powerful openers, and relevant & authentic stories. It’s paid off to have attended a copious amount of speech & debate club meetings & tournaments and as I train other co-leaders. They relay that it’s boosted their confidence in public speaking & the feedback has been invaluable.

Sierra Hultgren:

Speech and debate has impacted my success in school and career direction more than anything because it’s helped me critically think so I can offer good ideas. It also taught me how to organize my thoughts, stick to essential words, and write effectively.  Thank you mom & dad!!!

Renee Novo:

Debate was great for Shelly to learn research skills but Legacy exceeded that by producing a well rounded, confident speaker. The group has a sweet spirit of kindness and encouragement. It is in the top five most beneficial things we did while homeschooling.

Dana Stevens:

As parents, we hope to see our children excel and thrive in their adulthood. Legacy and Stoa nurture that by giving students a safe place to try new skills, teaching them to be gracious and humble through the highs and the lows of competition and to celebrate another’s accomplishments. For our older children who are in their twenties, the sport of speech has shaped them to be confident adults, comfortable with who they are, able to approach anyone and are recognized as natural leaders in their professions. They have both said that Speech has been the one key thing that has helped them the most in real world situations and their careers.